Insomnia (Sleep disturbance)

Insomnia is defined as a difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep or both. Insomnia can be transient, short-term or chronic.
Causes for insomnia: Travel, changes in the work environment, stressful situations, psychological or physical illnesses, the use of certain medications and stimulants, and some primary sleep disorders
Common symptoms include a lack of sleep, a poor quality of sleep, poor concentration and focus, difficulty with memory, impaired co-ordination, fatigue, irritability and impaired social interaction.
In ayurveda it is called as ‘Nidranash’, it is mainly due to Vat.
We provide ayurvedic oral treatments & panchkarma especially designed to fight sleep disturbance and insomnia. Our therapies are very effective for relaxing, calming and soothing your mind helping you to get over the daily stress. Along with making you calm, these therapies improve your memory and focus and help you retain your calmness.
Only after the examination by our doctors, we can help you with the Medicines, Home Remedies or Therapies required for Sleep Disturbance. Visit our centre today to consult with our Doctor.
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