Paralysis (Pakshaghat)

According to concept of Ayurveda,Due to today’s day to day life style and diet, the vata dosha is increased at most causing dryness in (vatavahinya) nerves and muscles of one or more part of body. The affected part becomes dried, the joints and there supports become lose. With this The Prana vayu which helps to control the sense of body becomes dysfunctional and even arms and legs with pelvis become dysfunctional. This also causes incontinence of urine and stool and also slurred speech.
According to concept of Modern Science,Paralysis is defined as loss of ability to move one or more muscles in the body .It may be associated with loss of feeling and other bodily functions .It is a condition in which patient is unable to move or feel all over or part of his body i.e. complete or partial loss of function especially when involving the motion or sensation of part of body.
Paralysis is not caused by problem in the muscles, it is caused by the nerves or spinal cord dysfunction .The controlling is done by nervous system in body, therefore a person with paralysis will usually have some form of nerve damage
. Monoplegia -When one limb in body is paralyzed.,. Hemiplegia -Where one arm and leg of one side of body is paralyzed., Paraplegia-Both legs and sometimes pelvis are paralyzed.
Tetraplegia-Both arms and legs are paralyzed.
CAUSES MAY BE Stroke causes when blood supply to part of brain is cut off,Head injury,Spinal cord injury
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