Nasya involves administration of medicated oil, ghee, juice, or even powder through the nose. The nose is the door of the head and hence this procedure is useful in various diseases associated with head and neck. There are 3 types of nasya and the ‘shodhana’ type is incorporated in the Panchakarma.


Nasal Allergies, Chronic cold, Sinusitis, Hair fall ,Hair disease , Migrain, Paralysis, Memory problems, Loss of smell, Allergy , Trigeminal neuralgia, Improves memory,Insomnia, Hyper pigmentation in the face, Pre-mature graying of hair, Frozen shoulder , Stiffness of the neck, Nasal polyps ,Chronic skin disease , Psoriasis, Eczema ,Baldness, Leucoderma , High blood pressure

Pre Procedure

Some dry fomentation with the help of warm cloth is given to the forehead and then the patient is asked to lie down with little head low position. The legs are little lifted up.

Main Procedure

Warm medication is instilled in each nostril and the person is asked to inhale deep into the head. He is asked to spit it out, if it comes in the mouth.

Post Procedure

Gentle massage with oil is given on the back of the neck, shoulders. Exposure to the cool air is to be avoided. Smoking of the herbal cigarettes is also to be advised to some persons.