The procedure here is to let the blood flow out of the body along with doshas. Many a times the Rakta (Blood) vitiated by the doshas is the cause of disease.

Benefits: skin disorder, abscesses, stomatitis, hypertension, herpes, varicose veins, arthritis etc.

The best season for blood letting is ‘autumn’

Pre Procedure

Snehana and svedana as per requirements. The patient is advised to take some food which will aggravate the dosha little bit e.g. curds (Yogurts) preparations from black grams, buttermilk etc.

Main Procedure

The bloodletting is now generally done by a prick with a needle. Cubital vein is most suitable to puncture; however the nearest possible vein of the site of the disease is the proper vein. It is punctured and then blood is allowed to flow out using a scalp vein set or is removed by using an injection syringe. When the color of the blood changes and pure blood starts coming out, the procedure is stopped.

Post Procedure

Very light diet is advised on the day of the procedure.