Grabh Sanskar


Garbhsanskar contains 2 words-Garbh & Sanskar

Garbha means foetus. Sanskar means Rituals/processes done for physical, psychological, intellectual & spiritual enhancement & betterment of the foetus. It’s coined term, not directly mentioned in the Ayurvedic Samhittas.

Garbhasanskar means reforming, polishing, finishing, molding & educating the unborn.


Everyday life is extremely occupied! Presently everybody wants only 1 or 2 child & that child should be genius & healthy and we attempt to give them every single best thing to make them immaculate in all perspectives. We give them all great Sanskar after birth then why don't we begin it from pregnancy? therefore Pregnancy should be by choice & not by chance.

Necessity of Garbh sanskar:

Garbhasanskar Procedure

Preparing (Future) Parents
  • Pre Conceiving (Beej Sanskar) for both-
  • Reproductive organ
  • purification
  • Both should know about our reproductive system.
  • Prakruti Parikshan of both
  • Panchakarma (Body –Mind cleansing), Rasayan, Vajikaran, Medicines
  • Spiritual & healing environment for Divine Soul-Yog, Om Chanting, specific Pranayamas and Meditation
  • Diet Guidance
  • Mating advice (Right time, right way of conception as per Astrology & Ayurveda for Divine Baby, environment etc.
  • Consultation for Infertility or complications –PCOS/PCOD, Obesity, Thyroid & Hormonal problems, Low sperm count, previous miscarriage history etc.
It starts from conception till delivery
  • Garbhini Paricharya (Mother's Lifestyle)
  • Do's and Don'ts Diet (Aahar) ,Lifestyle (Vihar)
  • Mansik (Emotional – Healing)
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Colour and Aroma therapy
  • Cosmetic Care
  • Monthly Checkup and Medicinal treatment (Masanumasik Chikitsa). Treating disorder in pregnancy.
  • Garbh Samvad- Mother and foetus as well as Father and foetus interaction (communication with Baby)
  • Baby brain development techniques sessions
  • Music Therapy for both mother and foetus to relieve stress anxiety and cool down mind
  • Individual training program
  • Healing & Chakra Balancing
  • Mental preparation and information for normal and easy delivery.
  • Delivery Counseling
  • Normal delivery tips & panchkarma.
  • Feeding Baby
  • Care for new born-Baby Oiling and Bathing Baby
  • Care of mother after delivery-Snehan ,swedan (massage & sudation) , Patrpottali , Dhoopan & basti for rejuvenation & prevention of disease.
  • Sanskar on born Baby
  • Diet of Baby
  • Parenting classes
  • Swarnprashan – Immunity booster
We provide Garbh Sanskar offline / online live classes in Hindi & Marathi. We take weekly basis classes on Sunday. Kindly contact.


Online/Offline Program
(Give birth to Healthy, Genius , Beautiful Baby )
Pay for 27 sessions
9 sessions –Free

Charges for Garbhsanskar

We provide Garbh Sanskar offline / online live classes in Hindi & Marathi. We take weekly basis classes on Sunday. Kindly contact.

1st consultation -History taking 2nd class-Importance & benefits of Garbhsanskar 1 month package – 4 sessions 3 months- 12 sessions 9 months- 36 sessions
       45 min. 45 min. to 60 min. 60 min./session 60 min./session 60 min./session
Rs.400/- Rs.400/- 1491/- Pay for 10 sessions 2 sessions –Free Rs.3750/- Pay for 27 sessions 9 sessions –Free Rs.9951/-

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Menopause is a natural, biological part of every woman’s life cycle. It occurs when the ovaries reduce and stop the production of estrogen causing a cessation of menstruation. Each woman experiences menopause differently, though there are many common symptoms like night sweats, cold hands and feet, insomnia, hot flashes, changes in skin tone, forgetfulness, mood swings or weight gain. Osteoporosis, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease are the long-term hazards of menopause.
We advice oral medicines, panchkarma & yoga for the same.