01 Arogyam

  • Ayurvedic traditional Abhyang (Massage) with herbal steam (60 min.)
  • Shirodhara (Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy for mental Rejuvenation)(60 min.)
  • Face polishing with ayurvedic cleansing, scrub, massage with oils & gels.(60 min)
  • Free consultation with Ayurvedic doctor
  • Experience Deep Relaxation and Rejuvenation with our exclusive 3 hours Ayurvedic Day Package.
  • This Package for the frequent travelers, to relieve the tiredness, weariness, fatigue, the stress and strain caused while and after traveling.
  • This package also for Home maker (Grihni) helps  eliminate mental anxiety, arrest hair fall, regulate hair growth and improve the complexion of the skin.

02 Ayushman

  • Ayurvedic traditional Abhyang (Massage) with herbal steam(60 min.)
  • Padabhyang (20 min)
  • Shirodhara (Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy for mental Rejuvenation)(60 min.)

provides physico-mental relaxation which also retunes and energises the nervous system. Stimulation of vital pressure points during Padabhyangam improves circulation and lymphatic drainage.

03 Working Professionals’ Package

  • Shirodhara (75 mins)
  • Netratarpanam(15 mins)
  • greevabasti (30 mins)
  • Spine basti (30 mins)
  • Katibasti (30 mins)

Shirodhara helps eliminate physical as well as mental fatigue. Netratarpanam eases the tension in the eyes providing a cooling effect while nourishing the eyes. Aches and pains associated with sitting long hours in one posture are relieved by the nourishing effects of the Kati, Greeva and Spine Basti.

04 Senior Citizens Package (Vriddha)

  • Ayurvedic traditional  Abhyang (Massage) with herbal steam (60 min.)
  • Shirodhara (Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy for mental Rejuvenation)(60 min.)
  • Janu Basti (30 mins)
  • Spine basti (30 mins)

This package controls the vitiated Vata. It also helps to retune the nervous system and eliminate muscular fatigue. Painful conditions of the knee are also reversed by Janu Basti. Gives nourishment to spine.

05 Ante-Natal Package (Garbhini Paricharya)Garbhsanskar

  •  9 consultation for diet exercise
  • 2 Basti in 8th and 9th months

This package provides detailed ante-natal care as described in Ayurveda to facilitate the proper growth of the foetus and prepare the mother-to-be for an easy and stress-free delivery.

06 Kids Memory & Immunity Enhancer Package (Suvarna Prashan)

A. Suvarna Prashan


This package for kids provides an Ayurveda remedy to boost intellect and immunity.

07 Seasonal Packages

Sr.No. Package Treatments
1. Spring (Vasant) Vaman Package (upto 8 days)
2. Summer (Greeshma) Takradhara
3. Monsoon (Varsha) Yog Basti Package (8 days)
4. Autumn (Sharad) Virechan Package (upto 8 days)
5. Early Spring (Shishir) Abhyangam,, Shirodhara
6. Winter (Hemant) Abhyangam, Shirodhara

08 Bridal Package (3 days /7 days /15 days/2 months)

We customize bridal package for both male & female according to their skin.

  • Ayurvedic traditional Abhyang (Massage) with herbal steam
  • Shirodhara (Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy for mental Rejuvenation)
  • Vitamin C peel for good glow
  • Beauty treatments with modern machines with ayurvedic cosmetics
  • Padabhyang
  • Body wraps (Detoxification wrap/Nourishing wrap/Fruits wraps)
  • Body cleansing

09 Post delivery package

  • Abhyang with herbal steam
  • Patrapottali
  • Shashtishali pind swed
  • Yog Basti (8 Enemas)
  • Shirodhara